What life is…

What is life?
“life is the name of continuous struggle”
“life is neither a bed of roses nor a bed of thorns”
life is like an icecream enjoy it before it melts” ( although if u put it in a refrigerator it won’t melt)
So all these are the definitions which we have been listening from the very start of our educational career.But the question is what actually is my life?.
that’s what i have to find out. To this question the answer can only be provided by our own lives that what is our own life ? What we are doing in our lives ? What is happening in our lives etc.We dont need anybodys definition for our own lives. that’s what we have to understand. It doesn’t mean that those definitions to life are wrong, they are right but they may be the observations of some individuals. But the thing is they are not the true definition of our lives. Every person on this planet is having a different life, is living a totally different life. And approach to life is also variable of every individual. For some life is hard while for others its easy , for some its beautiful while for others it may be ugly, for some it may be good while for others it might be bad. So every person is having his or her own definition for life. Life is what we are passing through, what we are facing, what we are experiencing, what we are learning. Simply that is our life,,,,,,


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