Stop Smoking or it will stop your life

According to a survey 50-60 % of the male and 20-30% females smoke. And the number of teenagers is rising among them which is alarming. 1% of kids take a puff of smoke willfully which becomes their habit after sometime and they start smoking on regular basis. There is very less spent on the stopping of this hazardous habit rather on promotion. print and electronic media is promoting by their attractive ads and films. According to a recent survey in America ” the smoking is more danger than our thinking, because now the chemicals used in them are changing becoming from bad to worst”. One cigaret excludes 8 minutes from the smoker’s life because it contains more than 4000 hazardous elements. smoking causes mouth cancer, lung cancer, heart diseases and mental stress leading to death. T_Smoking_enHD_1

Apart from that if a pregnant woman is indulged in the habit it would cause the baby weak and incompetent. And this will continue throughout the baby’s life. And there is a big possibility that the baby will also indulge in the bad habit of smoking. The cutting lips of the babies is also due to the smoking of mother, Similarly those pregnant women who do not smoke but the persons living in their surroundings smoke, will either be the cause of heart attack of mother or the offspring will be deficient in so many ways. That kid will be mentally weak for the rest of its life. This is also proved that such kids are small in heights and there is a possibility of a disease called Dyslexia in them.nintchdbpict000272082110

as compared to the past, kids are more and more indulging in the habit of smoking for many reasons. One of them is media. In films and commercials smoking is highly promoted and teens are very quickly falling in this obvious habit. Other reason is friends who smoke. The other but very important reason is the lack of attention of parents. Parents do not get time for their kids mostly which turn them into smokers. download (2)

Kids have to be taught the hazardous of smoking. they should be make aware of the outcomes of smoking by rational arguments and (1)


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