Role of Media

In the realm of today, media has moved toward becoming as fundamental as nourishment and dress. It has assumed huge part in fortifying the general public. Media is considered as “reflect” of the cutting edge society, infect,it is the media which shapes our lives.

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The motivation behind the media is to educate individuals about current ,new undertakings and to tell about the most recent chatter and form. It tells about the general population who are topographically separated.

The part of media has turned out to be one method for exchanging and advertising of items and partialities. The media asserted to be represented by uprightness and value, yet avarice and self-magnification has harmed its temperances.

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Media is accountable for :

1 data

2 training

3 stimulation

4 promoting

5 connection of parts of society

Society is affected by media in such a large number of ways. It is the media for the majority that causes them to get data about a great deal of things and furthermore to shape assessments and make judgments with respect to different issues! It is the media which keeps the general population refreshed and educated about what is going on around them and the world. Everybody can draw something from it.

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Media has badly affected an era, basically in light of the fact that ,adolescent is unequivocally impacted by media. Adolescents and kids wish to take after the general population ,who get perceived and do what they do to get took note. Now and again, they concentrate on terrible piece of the media and endeavor to be a piece of it. Be that as it may, many are not capitulated to an existence of wrongdoing!

These are the things which get into Young non military personnel minds!

The media influences individuals’ point of view. A lot of mediation of media in everything involves concern. Media can be considered as “guard dog” of political popular government. Through the ages,the accentuation of media on news has disguised. Media nowadays, tries to eye the news ,which could help them to offer the data that is assembled around the world, with the goal that they could clear a method for progress and distinction of their individual channels. Fm radios, daily papers, data found on net and TV are the mass medias that serve to diminish the correspondence hole between the gathering of people, watchers and the media world. For reputation and offering, vital figures, their ways of life are typically focused on. Immaterial and unimportant news, that for the most part have no significance are given need and because of a reason or the other ,they get onto the psyches of the watchers and in this ways numerous a times,important political,economical and sociological news get ignored and gradually,lose their significance!

No doubt,media has assumed critical part in making world a worldwide town and to decrease the correspondence crevices among the general population living in the far territories however unfortunately,media nowadays has turned into a COMMERCIALIZED SECTOR,eyeing the news which are hot and great at selling.The objective is to pick up the TV rating focuses.This attitude should be changed.



Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen. Hope is a feeling of trust, hope is an optimistic attitude of mind that is based on an expectation of positive outcomes related to events and circumstances in ones life or the world at large.2016_hope-1030x686

Without hope there is nothing to do. It is hope which forces us to our daily routine works. It is hope which compels us to do impossible things from climbing the invincible cliffs to the crossing of merciless ocean. Without hope there is no survival. Hope is a thing with feathers which enables us to fly and reach to our

Hope will force you to stay awake for the rest of the night in the pursuit of your bright future.

it is hope which will force you to run all the day managing your time and strength. hope can lead you to the unknown worlds, to the limitless horizins and to the most beautiful places in a matter of blink.Hope20

everyone has to live in pursuit of something, that something is everyones hope, and for that hope everyone has to live, suffer and struggles.

A hopeless life is like an arrow with no direction, an ocean with no limits and a journey with no end.

hoping is not enough one must acknowledge it first, make a plan and act. Action is required in fullfilling of a hope.

Hope is the only thing which causes the human life and its chaos on earth.images

Power of thinking

The difficulties of life are uncountable. sometimes bearable sometimes not. But the most important thing is how to face them. Either one should turn his face from it and continues to live in a fools paradise or to face them with a strong heart and find a way out with utmost strength and great courage. Humans are very unique and different from other living creatures. His mind is the most complex and an important organ which perhaps no other creature has. His five senses make him the sharpest and smartest of all. He has the ability to tackle any problem using his brain.The brain responds to any immediate stimuli and gives orders to organs to react

Being in problems is normal but how to come out from it is something important. Some people while falling in problems just start cursing their bad luck others try to manage living with it while some not only think for the solutions but also find a solution for their problems. The latter ones are the successful. images

Their is a common saying ” The more you think the more you know”. Every sensible and normal being thinks.

Thinking leads to new ideas and ideas again to creativity. here creativity means new inventions or some beneficial changes.

Thinking can be divided into two types

1.Positive thinkingpositive-thinking-b

2.negative thinkingwall_of_negative_thinking_by_waldenbjaywiigee93-d8owl0f

By positive thinking we mean generating positive feelings and the tendency to expect the best, while by negative thinking we mean negative feelings and the tendency to expect the worst.

Now there are both positive and negative thinkers in our world. Being a positive thinker is good than a negative one. Always think positive no matter what and be away from negativity of any form….

Stop Smoking or it will stop your life

According to a survey 50-60 % of the male and 20-30% females smoke. And the number of teenagers is rising among them which is alarming. 1% of kids take a puff of smoke willfully which becomes their habit after sometime and they start smoking on regular basis. There is very less spent on the stopping of this hazardous habit rather on promotion. print and electronic media is promoting by their attractive ads and films. According to a recent survey in America ” the smoking is more danger than our thinking, because now the chemicals used in them are changing becoming from bad to worst”. One cigaret excludes 8 minutes from the smoker’s life because it contains more than 4000 hazardous elements. smoking causes mouth cancer, lung cancer, heart diseases and mental stress leading to death. T_Smoking_enHD_1

Apart from that if a pregnant woman is indulged in the habit it would cause the baby weak and incompetent. And this will continue throughout the baby’s life. And there is a big possibility that the baby will also indulge in the bad habit of smoking. The cutting lips of the babies is also due to the smoking of mother, Similarly those pregnant women who do not smoke but the persons living in their surroundings smoke, will either be the cause of heart attack of mother or the offspring will be deficient in so many ways. That kid will be mentally weak for the rest of its life. This is also proved that such kids are small in heights and there is a possibility of a disease called Dyslexia in them.nintchdbpict000272082110

as compared to the past, kids are more and more indulging in the habit of smoking for many reasons. One of them is media. In films and commercials smoking is highly promoted and teens are very quickly falling in this obvious habit. Other reason is friends who smoke. The other but very important reason is the lack of attention of parents. Parents do not get time for their kids mostly which turn them into smokers. download (2)

Kids have to be taught the hazardous of smoking. they should be make aware of the outcomes of smoking by rational arguments and (1)

Brands and Life

the lifestyle is variable.It changes with the passage of time. Yesterdays trend is today’s history and the present lifestyle will b tomorrow’s story. Fashion changes with time.


“History repeats itself” but in the case of fashion it doesn’t. Today is the era of “Brands’ and people are running after them. They feel proud wearing branded watches, clothes, caps, shoes, jeans, glasses, phones and much more.

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Having a branded phone in hand, wearing a branded jeans and shirt increases self confidence and one feels proud when attending a meeting or any social gathering. It gives a sense of superiority. In short today is the era of Brands they have completely occupied our minds and are driving our thoughts resulting restlessness in our personality.

What life is…

What is life?
“life is the name of continuous struggle”
“life is neither a bed of roses nor a bed of thorns”
life is like an icecream enjoy it before it melts” ( although if u put it in a refrigerator it won’t melt)
So all these are the definitions which we have been listening from the very start of our educational career.But the question is what actually is my life?.
that’s what i have to find out. To this question the answer can only be provided by our own lives that what is our own life ? What we are doing in our lives ? What is happening in our lives etc.We dont need anybodys definition for our own lives. that’s what we have to understand. It doesn’t mean that those definitions to life are wrong, they are right but they may be the observations of some individuals. But the thing is they are not the true definition of our lives. Every person on this planet is having a different life, is living a totally different life. And approach to life is also variable of every individual. For some life is hard while for others its easy , for some its beautiful while for others it may be ugly, for some it may be good while for others it might be bad. So every person is having his or her own definition for life. Life is what we are passing through, what we are facing, what we are experiencing, what we are learning. Simply that is our life,,,,,,

Life Without a Goal

It’s been said that an “life without goals is like a race without a finish line”;. Despite on the off chance that you fastidiously arrange out each progression of your day or spend it flying by the seat of your jeans, it is essential to set objectives inside both your business and life.

Here’s the arrangement, we as a whole set objectives consistently, weeks and months both deliberately and all the more generally consequently. These objectives help us to decide the level of progress that we feel we have accomplished in life. Presently there are a lot of individuals who are aggressive and plan to “control the world” one day and numerous progressively that overcome existence without intentionally defining objectives. Notwithstanding which classification you fall into, it’s imperative to understand the open doors that can appear through objective setting and why you ought to take cognizant (and huge) activity on them.

Making Passion and Purpose

Defining unmistakably characterized objectives will help you to be more centered around the things that are imperative to your business destinations and hinder you from time-squandering exercises. When you have accomplished an objective or development, your capacity to join intending to your profound business wants and make a feeling of reason. This will at last fuel your enthusiasm and keep you propelled in the longterm.

Increasing More Free Time

As noted above, being sure about your objectives will help you to maintain a strategic distance from exercises that may appear to be critical yet are insignificant and enable you to concentrate on errands that are vital. This will prevent you from dawdling and feeling overpowered with obligations and enable you to free up extra time to have an individual life (yes, you can have an individual life and maintain your own particular business!).

Feeling Good and Boosting Confidence

Your mind works in secretive ways. Via preparing it to feel great each time you accomplish an objective, it will in the long run support your certainty, give you a feeling of vanity and help you push your customary range of familiarity. The feelings that you feel for the duration of the day are a decision. On the off chance that your default is to be exhausted, disappointed or impassive in life, you can re-program yourself by reliably setting little (and expansive) objectives and feeling that feeling of fulfillment again and again.

Enabling You To Make Choices

There’s no set in stone choices in life, their outcomes involve point of view. The main wrong that you can do is settling on no choice by any stretch of the imagination. You generally have a decision in what you say, think and do. I realize that periodically it can feel like you “need to” accomplish something, however in all actuality it is your duty to make a move and get the results (great and awful). Objective setting helps you to be sure about the decisions you have to make to line up with your own goals.IMG_1356.JPG





  • French Sociologist
  • A Moralist
  • Father of Sociology
  • Established the relationship of Sociology with other fields of knowledge
  • The description of the scientific works required for the reorganization of the society
  • Positive Philosophy
  • System of positive politics
  • Three stages in the growth of Social organisation
  • Theological thinking is associated to the military or monarchical social organisation
  • God would be there as the supreme of the hierarchy as King of Kings and as mighty warriors
  • spiritual deterrent could hardly be challenged
  • entrenchment would overcome and its challengers would be punished
  • Metaphysical stage produced a government controlled by “DOCTRINES OF ABSTRACT RIGHTS
  • A legalistic Social institution
  • More official and structured society
  • In Europe Nation States came out during this stage
  • Third stage Positive thinking made a society controlled by industrialists
  • An Industrial society in which men inquire into the nature and utilisation of natural assets and forces
  • Transformation of the material assets on earth for human benefit
  • Mass Production of material inventions
    • Law of three stages of Human Thought (Law of Human Progress)
    • primal persons tend to think in Supernatural terms
    • All phenomenon are made by instant action of supernatural beings
    • No priesthood because the gods were individuals occupying in firm objects
    • Too many fetishes (Any object or idea obtaining unquestioning reverence or response, respect or devotion) produced much confusion
    • Fetishism was turned into polytheism, hence developed the concept of priesthood in the societies
    • rational contradictions led to the arrangement of gods in an hierarchical manner
    • Concept of monotheism

    –Rationalization replaced imagination or creative power

    –God does not stand directly at the back of every phenomenon

    –Reasoning aided man to find some other order in the natural world

    –Principles and theories got domination over feelings and speculations

    –Scientific way of thinking and reasoning

    –A positive state

    –Origin and destination of the universe and the causes of occurrence and study of their laws

    –Observation and classification of the occurrence

    –Positive thinking suits the need of the industrial society

    • Classified sciences according to growing complexity, independence and reducing generality
    • Any branch of knowledge reaches the positive stage early depending upon its simplicity and generality
    • Considered Mathematics as the basic tool of the mind
    • It is not a member of the group of sciences, it is their common basis
    • Education without mathematics is faulty, inexact and unreliable
    • Astronomy the most general and simple of all natural science developed first
    • Followed by other sciences such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and finally Sociology
    • Social sciences are most complex and most dependent upon other sciences for their development
    • Hence they occupy the highest place in hierarchy
    • He further classified the sciences in Inorganic and Organic Sciences. Inorganic sciences (Physics, Astronomy and Chemistry) are easy to develop
    • Organic Sciences such as Biology are more complex. “It involves study of all life and the general laws pertaining to the individual units of life”
    • Sociology represents the culmination of the development of Science. It is based upon Mathematics and is dependent upon Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy. These Sciences have taken time to free from theological and metaphysical speculations and thinking. Hence Comte argued that Sociology too would require some time to attain the full status of Sciencencomms9960-f4
    • According to Comte there are two divisions in Sociology
    • It refers to the “Study of the Laws of action and reaction in the Social Order”. It deals with the major Institutions of the society such as family, religion, economic etc.
    • It inquires into the co existence of the social phenomenon
    • There is a spontaneous harmony between the whole and a part of the social system
    • The parts of the society cannot be studied separately
    • When the harmony between the parts is lacking a pathological situation may prevail

      –If static inspects how the parts of the society are interrelated social dynamic focus on whole societies as the unit of study and reveals how they developed and changed through time

      –It inquires as to how human civilisations advances in different stages

      –Comte was convinced that all societies move through certain fixed stages of development and that they advances towards ever increasing perfect.

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Characters in literature are very important aspects of literature. They drive the story and the plot. They also provide opportunities for authors to drove into general themes about life. Characters are the most analyzed elements in literature because they provide the richest critical analysis of the author’s intent. In order to analyze characters in literature, it is important to read who and what these characters are and the ways they relate to the overall themes in the story. Following are the steps….

Step 1

Read the whole text. Take the notes on the characters. Underline passages in which a character is described both physically and psychologically. What do the descriptions say about the character?

Step 2

Determine that how the character’s personality relates to the plot. What type or kind of person is the character and how does she go about dealing with problems? For example, is the character a busybody gossip? If so, in what ways does this relate to the plot or to the other characters in the story?IMG_1250.JPG

Step 3

Take note of the environment in which the character is living and how does the character is responding to that environment? For example, if the character is a drifter, how does he relate to the town that he has drifted into? How do the other characters relate to him? What are the contrasts or comparisons between the character and his environment?IMG_1251

Step 4

Determine what is motivating the character. What does she want? For example, the busybody gossip might be a lonely woman who wants to make friends through gossip. The drifter might simply want a place to stay for the night.

Step 5

Take note of how the character is going about getting what he wants and how this might relate to his psychological makeup. For example, the drifter might lie about his background to convince a woman to let him stay at her home. What does this say about the drifter? How does it reveal his attitudes toward people or himself?

Step 6

Determine the author’s purpose in creation of the character. What are the themes in the story and how does the characters relate to the theme? For example, the story of the drifter can be about how people deceive themselves and others. The author’s purpose in creating such a character will drive this theme and the story’s plot.IMG_1253


English literature is a very old and waste literature. A brief history of English literature is given below…..

History of English literature is divided into following period
1}Old or Anglo Saxon literature
2}Middle English literature
3}Elizabethan literature
4}The age of Milton
5}Restoration drama
8}The Victorian period
9}The twentieth century (modern)
10}Post modernism (present)

They are further discussed as below ….

1. Old English literature:

Old English literature was written from about 600-1100, The greatest old English poem called ‘Beowulf ‘ whose author is unknown.

The old English authors, are known by name are Cadmon,the author of a short hymn,and Cynewulf’ the author of four long poems

2.Middle English literature:(1100-1500)
It started in 1100
Poetry: the most important poet of the time is Geoffrey Chaucer, his greatest work is Canterbury tales.

Drama: The three main types of medieval drama are mystery plays,about Bible stories,miracle plays about the lives of saints and the miracles the performed and morality plays,in which character s personify moral qualities such as charity or vice.

3.Elizabethan literature:

Written approximately during the time of queen Elizabeth (1558-1603). Thats why it is called Elizabethan literature.


Edmund Spencer the author of The Faerie Queen’s, Walter Raleigh,and William Shakespeare.


Drama is the greatest form written during the Elizabethan age.Shakespeare is considered the greatest playwright of all times ,his best works include Hamlet, king Lear,Macbeth Othello and merchant of vinice, Marlow six plays. Ben Johnson alchemist John donne 1572 -1631 metaphysical school of poetry

4. The age of Milton

Milton’s paradise lost,
Robert Herrick famous for beautiful lyrics.

5.Restoration Drama

The main form of drama of this period are the heroic plays as written by john Dryden,and the comedy of manners as written by Richard sheriden and William Congreve.

The main characteristics of neoclassicism are;

1) Poetry should be guided by reason
2) The role of the poet is that of the teacher
3) Poetry should be written according to fixed rules.
4) Poetry should use special diction
The major representative of this school
Are john Dryden and Alexander pope.

7. Romanticism

The main characteristics of Romanticism are

1) Poetry is the expression of personal feelings and emotions.
2) Imagination is a main source of poetry
3) Nature in romantic poetry is a living thing,a teacher of man,and a healing power Wordsworth’ Keats, Byron, Shelley and Coleridge

8. The Victorian period.

This period includes second half of the nineteenth century.
Poetry. Alfred tennyson and Robert Browning are the major poets of this period.
(Novel) the novel was the main literary production of the Victorian age
Charles Dickens, Jane Austen,Emily Bronte,George Eliot,Thomas hardy.
Oscar wild’ s importance of being Earnest.

9.(20th century)
(Also known as moderen period)
As a result of the political changes and the world wars,the sense of confidence in Victorian literature is replaced by the loss of faith,suffering, and uncertainty that modern literature expresses.stylistic experimentation and revolution against all literary tradition are the mark of modern literature. Some major figures include w.b Yeats, T.S. Eliot and W.H Auden in poetry,
Virginia wolf and James Joyce in the novel, and Samuel Becket in drama.

10.(Post Modernism (C.1945-present)
( The present literature English literature)
A notoriously ambiguous term,specially as it refers to literature, post modernism can b seen as response to the elitism of high modernism as well as to the horrors of world war ll .post modern literature is characterized by a disjointed,fragmented pasticcio of high and low culture that reflects the absence of tradition and structure in a world driven by technology and consumerism,
Julian Barnes,don’t delillo,tony Morrison,Vladimir nobokov,Thomas Pynchon and Kurt Vonnegut are modern writers of this era …….